Size Guide

Find Your Necklace Length

Necklaces vary by chain length. The circumference of your neck will impact how your necklace sits on its own and with other styles. Steps for measuring:

1. Measure and cut a piece of string to the same length as the necklace you’re eyeing.

Note: If you don't have a tape measure or string, you can approximate by taking a standard sheet of 8.5x11" paper, cut out two strips on the short side, and then either tape together or place around your neck - this would measure 8.5" +8.5" = 17 inches, giving you a better idea of your fit.

2. Place it around your neck to see where it falls—the key to layering is striking the right balance.

3. Repeat the process to see how necklaces of different lengths may look together. 

Remember to check if the product comes with an extender chain, if so, you can choose a smaller size so that you have room to change from choker to longer necklace. If it does not have an extender chain (e.g. Cuban), then you should err on the size larger than your measurement so that it's not too tight (aka, if your neck is 15.8", a 16" necklace may be uncomfortably tight.

Find Your Bracelet Size

1. Grab a tape measure, length of string or strip of paper. Don't have a tape measure? To approximate, use a dollar bill (6.125 inches long) or the short side of a standard 8.5x11" sheet of paper.

2. Wrap it around the wrist you’ll wear your bracelet on. Mark the place where it joins. Creating a stack? Measure where on your arm you’ll wear each bracelet.

3. Lay your string or paper strip on a flat surface and use a ruler to measure the length up to the mark. Don't forget to leave a little breathing room.