PERAL was founded in the summer of 2023 by Johnny (on the right).

He was inspired by a once-in-a-lifetime trip to India celebrating two dear friends' wedding. While in New Delhi, his friend took him to a famous bazaar where all sorts of textiles, household goods, and jewelry are sold. He excitedly purchased several pearl necklaces, for himself and family as Christmas gifts, which they loved. After almost being convinced by others that the pearls were fake, he had them assessed by a jewelry expert who confirmed they were real, which was surprising given the affordable price. 😲 (Learn how to spot real pearls here). So he then decided to start selling them!

After PERAL exploded around the world, Johnny's pretty smile alone wasn't enough to keep the company under control. He tapped his roommate Tiffany (aka me - left below) to take the reigns as Chief Pearl Officer (CPO) due to my deep French heritage, centuries of fashion experience, and hands-on leadership with high-growth fashion powerhouses.


I quickly got the PERAL house in order and am focused on creating the one and only great pearl lifestyle brand. I am committed to making PERAL a brand that you can trust, designing pearl products that you will love, and keeping you honest on what's really important at the end of the day 😘 

You should style with our pearls because...

  • We take our pearls seriously >> they are top quality
  • We are customer-first >> if you aren't happy, neither are we
  • We don't take ourselves seriously >> have fun with us
  • We are mannequin-owned >> find out more on Tik Tok

Thanks for stopping by our site y'all! Hit me up if there is anything I can help with.




P.S. - Look at how sexy our pearls are...